Martian Mining Union

In response to Intele Co’s stranglehold over not only the world’s economy but every venture in the solar system, the Martian Mining Union was formed. Far from Earth, the Martian mines operated with little to no oversight, leading to dangerous conditions, low pay, and slum like accommodations. Miners banded together, standing against Intele Co’s unquestioned authority, but so far from the eyes of the public the struggle was grueling. Still, their message spread, and they became the voice for the common man, fighting against Intele Co on all fronts. Above all they held the Holocene project to be an affront to their very humanity, a rich man’s venture costing millions that could have been spent to ease the suffering of miners and common folk.

Reports of union leaders disappearing were common, suspicions of sabotage leading to deaths of members abound, and many felt the union’s tactics were too soft. Rouge, extreme chapters rose from the effort, using violent schemes to push their agenda, and the lines between victim and perpetrator blurred.


Official Lore