Ira: Act 1 Pilgrimage is a new game recently Kickstarter funded and currently being developed by Ore Creative. A demo of the prologue is available and the game is expected to release mid to late 2016.


Point-and-click mechanics

Navigate through a world of intimate 3D spaces as well as serene, atmospheric landscapes. Play through multiple timelines, search for clues that shed light on the mysteries at hand, and use an immersive dialogue system to make choices that echo across space and time.

Explore the lithic system

Allow a creeping tension build as you traverse the Lithic system aboard the Holocene II, explore alien landscapes and search derelict outposts, travel from planet to planet in search of answers. What was the fate of the Holocene? What was their true mission? What has been calling to Ira from across the void of space and time itself?

The Narrative

Ira’s story can’t be told from just one perspective and every angle has a part to play. Relive the events of his childhood. Experience events from the viewpoint of the CEO of Intele Co to the lowly miners below him. From world class researchers to desperate vagabonds, their stories are interconnected across space and time.

The Nature of reality

Be mindful as the nature of reality becomes porous and untrustworthy. Strange anomalies and occurrences seem to permeate the fabric of reality within the Lithic System. Only you can truly decide what is real and what is not on your journey into the unknown.